Automatic Macroperforated Extensible Film / Highly Prestretchable


Technical features

Precut and reinforced stretch film for semiautomatic or automatic wrapping machines, with medium and high pre-stretch systems. During the pre-stretching phase, when wrapping the film around the pallets, the precuts open allowing a perfect airflow. This film is very strong. It’s perfect for wrapping and stabilizing very heavy loads thanks also to its high stretching memory and tearing resistance. The film can be manufactured with different features according to the particular end use.


Macroperforated Extensible Film




Highly Prestretchable Film


Macroauto PC/9

Ideal for:
  • products that are wrapped hot, like: beer, sparkling wine, fruit juices, beverages, canned fruit, pickles, baked products;
  • maintaining maximum freshness for flour, fruit and vegetables, cheese, eggs, ice creams;
  • a faster and more uniform chilling process of yogurt, meat, fish and shell-fish;
  • a faster drying process of fodder, forage, cereals, paper.
It solves the problem for:
  • inside condensation;
  • dampness that might damage the cartons;
  • rust on tops and corks;
  • air flow;
  • mould;
  • post-sterilization and post-packing treatment;
  • fast freezing;
  • development of bacteria;
  • drying.