Protective by nature

For over 30 years, our work has been more than a job, it has been almost an instinct: protecting your products with top quality packaging, studied with great care in all their details to guarantee you freshness, integrity and a winning look.


We protect fruit and vegetables. We follow them from the soil to the table, always dressed for the occasion: with the most appropriate, resistant and beautiful freshness-saving packaging.


We protect cold cuts, cheese and other delicacies thanks to our range of nets, specifically made for food contact.


We protect mussels and shell-fish, with tubular nets for grafting and breeding, from planting to complete ripening.


We also protect other products, with innovative materials, such as transpiring stretch films. These are the result of our professional insight, our long-lasting experience of innovative machineries, very often directly created by us.

Our specialties

Why choose galloplastik

Just like the packaging must adapt to the contents it is protecting, interpreting their nature, Galloplastik offers its international clients a wide and deep range of possibilities, together with a flexible company philosophy. Always adaptable to all the specific and personal requirements that industrial packaging necessarily brings about.

Design, innovation, production, service and most of all partnership with our clients, always close to their specific packaging needs. These are our corporate assets.

Our certifications

Being certified means not only offering excellent services according to the highest standards, but creating social values above all. Galloplastik’s aim is to pursue this goal by keeping on investing in innovation and improvement.
Goals followed by Galloplastik in order to operate are expressed in the “Document of Quality and Environmental Policy”.
The commitment towards these goals has allowed Galloplastik to obtain, as tangible proofs, the following certifications:
· ISO 9001 – Quality management system: it represents the company capacity to satisfy the needs and the expectations of its customers and all parties involved in the Organization activity of the company. It certifies the compliance with legal requirements. The System supports the Company in implementing efficient processes and improving operational efficiency.
· ISO 14001 – Environment management system: it demonstrates the Company’s commitment to introducing the concept of environmental sustainability in its management, by structuring its own processes and activities with this in mind and aiming at the continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performances.
· ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems: The ISO 50001 certification demonstrates the company’s ability to implement an effective energy management system, aimed at optimizing energy performance and consumption, and reducing environmental impact.

Download the PDF documents of the certifications