Shopper Net / Verti-Sack

Technical features

Shopper net and Verti-sack are plastic extruded nets, specifically made for vertical filling machines for fruit and vegetables. They are supplied in single rolls, with no printing (Shopper Net), or with a printed band welded to the net (Verti-sack).

Main characteristic:

  • customizable up to 8-colour printing;
  • the net structure allows to see the product and guarantees a good airflow;
  • available in different colours;
  • the original print may be completed during the filling process with bar codes, weight, date of packaging, origin, etc;
  • SHOPPER NET: single net supplied in standard size rolls of 1000 or 1500 mt., or in custom-lengths;
  • VERTI-SACK: nets with welded bands come in standard size rolls 1100 meters long, or in custom-lengths;
  • they are manufactured with materials and colourings suitable for food contact and completely recyclable.