Extruded Nets

Garlic, onions, but also hams and the tastiest cold cuts and cheeses. All delightful expressions of the territory where they are produced… not to talk about the delicious shell-fish, where freshness is the heart of their taste. All our customers’ main task is to carefully take care of their products “shelf life”. And we are by their side, with our extruded nets specifically made for food.

But food is not the only sector that might need special packaging. Toys, gardening, mechanical parts, utensils, cylinders, sanitary ware are all products with very specific packaging requirements. Even in these fields our products solve any packaging problem, for a correct storage and transportation.

Galloplastik is the extruded net leading manufacturer. We have a wide range of diameters, colours, meshes, according to the features and sizes of your product. Cheap, resistant and easy to apply. They look nice and communicate well, which is a very important selling asset for any product.