Our commitment

Quality & Environmental Policy

Galloplastik S.r.l. aims to produce high quality packaging to protect food and other types of products, responding to specific needs and requested customization. Our activity consists of the design, development and production of highly studied in detail plastic packaging, to ensure freshness, integrity, adequate graphics and food safety. At the same time, the company is committed to developing products with a reduced environmental impact.

Considered the Italian and foreign context in which it operates, the nature of the packaging produced, the environmental impacts resulting from its activities and products Galloplastik S.r.l. has defined the following quality and environmental policy.

While pursuing the main purpose – our customers’ satisfaction, needs and Galloplastik S.r.l. intends to contribute to a sustainable development through the prevention and mitigation of the potential environmental impacts deriving from our productive activities and the reduction of waste.

Download the PDF documents of the certifications

Our certifications

Being certified means not only offering excellent services according to the highest standards, but creating social values above all. Galloplastik’s aim is to pursue this goal by keeping on investing in innovation and improvement.
Goals followed by Galloplastik in order to operate are expressed in the “Document of Quality and Environmental Policy”.
The commitment towards these goals has allowed Galloplastik to obtain, as tangible proofs, the following certifications:
· ISO 140001 – Environment management system: it demonstrates the Company’s commitment to introducing the concept of environmental sustainability in its management, by structuring its own processes and activities with this in mind and aiming at the continuous improvement of the company’s environmental performances.