Automatic Macroperforated Extensible Film / Highly Prestretchable


Technical features

Reinforced macroperforated stretch film for semi automatic or automatic wrapping machines with medium or high pre-stretching systems (>150%<300%). Its extreme resistance, makes this film really suitable for wrapping and stabilizing very heavy loads, thanks also to its high stretching memory (over 30%) and tearing resistance. The film can be manufactured with different features according to the particular end use.


Macroperforated Extensible Film




Highly Prestretchable Film


Macroauto N/1

Ideal for:
  • products that are wrapped hot, like: beer, sparkling wine, fruit juices, beverages, canned fruit, pickles, baked products;
  • maintaining maximum freshness for flour, fruit and vegetables, cheese, eggs, ice creams;
  • a faster and more uniform chilling process of yogurt, meat, fish and shell-fish;
  • a faster drying process of fodder, forage, cereals, paper.
It solves the problem for:
  • inside condensation;
  • dampness that might damage the cartons;
  • rust on tops and corks;
  • air flow;
  • mould;
  • post-sterilization and post-packing treatment;
  • fast freezing;
  • development of bacteria;
  • drying.